“In The Court Of Love And Loss” gets some love!

I’m thrilled to report my sci-fi romance “In The Court Of Love And Loss” won first place in the Speculative Fiction category of Passionate Ink’s “Passionate Plume” contest at the RWA national conference in Orlando on July 28.  My BFF Leigh Court picked up the certificate for me.

Leigh even celebrated in the bar afterwards!!

This is a “big” book, with a heroine who’s been abandoned by her people, a hot hero who comes back to rescue her, and the planet’s dictatorial ruler who’s determined not to let her go. There’s love, loss and a plot twist I hope readers won’t see coming!!

“In The Court Of Love And Loss” was also an LR Café “Best of 2016” nominee, so the book is getting some serious recognition.

Thanks for letting me share this good news!


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Carly Carson said...

Congratulations, Jenna! Sounds like a great book.