New Year Adventure

Here’s a secret: Leigh Court and I are best friends, but we couldn’t be more different. I’m a “Let’s go!” kind of girl and she’s a “Wait, let’s think about it!” kind of person. 

But I suppose that’s what makes us good friends: we complement each other.

Example: a couple of years ago, you may remember that I dragged Leigh to England with me. I wanted to see the Rollling Stones play a concert in Hyde Park (so cool!) but in return, I had to agree to visit “old piles” – ruins of historic English castles that she wanted to see while we were there. I suppose it worked out – we both got what we wanted.

This year, we’re ditching our husbands and I’m dragging Leigh to South America with me. To Santiago, Chile, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, specifically. The Rolling Stones are playing in both cities (okay, I admit to being their biggest... um... FAN) but it turns out that Leigh has some long-lost relatives in Buenos Aires, so she'll be able to meet them for the first time while we’re there.

Of course, sensible Leigh is learning Italian in order to be able to communicate with them (they say they don’t speak English and neither Leigh nor I speak Spanish). Me? I’m hoping we can just communicate through sign language! (Italians speak with their hands, remember….)

See? She and I are two halves of one whole: between the two of us, we manage to find a way through any situation.

What do you think? Are we best friends or simply two neurotic symbionts who need each other? I’ve known her practically all my life, and I like to think we’re inseparable BFFs joined at the hip, but sometimes I really wonder how on earth we get along.

Still, I admire the fact she’s brave enough to indulge my crazy travel bug, and hopefully she appreciates the fact that I inspire her to get out of her comfort zone and experience adventures she would never have tried on her own.

Either way, we’re going to South America! Our tickets are already booked. We won’t be back in the U.S. until mid-February, but I’ll try to post some pictures next month so that you can share in our adventure. If I can’t manage the technology, I’ll definitely have pics by March.

How about you? Do you have a relationship from your childhood that you still cherish, or has life made you drift apart from your old friends?