Extreme Love Excerpt

Extreme Love is up for pre-order and I finally have an excerpt I can share! YAY!!!

His gaze landed on the chocolate-brown comforter with pink accents that covered her queen-sized mattress. His attention lingered there for a moment before he lifted his gaze to the shelves that held an assortment of her favorite books and movies. “What do you like to do, Caitlyn?”

How could a man come across so damned relaxed? Especially when she was wound so tight she felt ready to shatter any second.
“Do?” She actually squeaked her question.
“You know. Read? Watch movies? Shop?”
A conversation? The man walks into her room, disrupts her perfect little world, and he decides to have a conversation? “All of the above.”
Dante’s smile sent her heart into a frantic staccato. He moved closer, and she retreated until her butt touched the wall. Her breath came in short, erratic spurts. His gaze started at her legs and raked upward over her body. “I like all of the above, too.”
Ah! She liked that response. A little too much. Her heart pumped even faster. She had to escape.
As if reading her thoughts, Dante blocked her by bracing his arms against the wall on either side of her body.

She couldn’t swallow, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t do anything but stare into gorgeous blue eyes belonging to a gorgeous man. He leaned closer, his chest brushing against hers. Lord, she felt the strength of his body.

“So pretty.” He ran his fingers across her cheek.
The desire in his eyes confirmed his statement. Could this be real? Could this man truly want her? Everything he did screamed yes.
“W-why did you come in here?”
His fingers paused on her skin. “Isn’t it obvious? To be near you. Would you rather I leave?”
Yes. No. Hell, she didn’t know.
“Maybe,” she finally decided on.
“Maybe?” One masculine brow lifted. “A very indecisive answer. Maybe we should kiss and see if it helps you make a firm decision.”
She swallowed, a response completely lost to her. Flustered by her inability to come up with her own flirtatious, witty comeback, she felt greener than ever. “I think that would be a bad idea.”
“Give me one good reason why.”
She opened her mouth, but no reason emerged. Instead, she murmured, “Me and you...we don’t fit.”
“Oh, I think we’d fit very nicely together.”

Her mouth popped opened, shocked and alarmingly delighted by his words. “T-that’s not what I meant.” But now that he’d taken their conversation in that direction, it was all she could think of. She shook herself. “I meant we’re too different. We don’t have any chemistry.”
Amusement filled his eyes. “No chemistry, huh? I’ll have to disagree.” He placed his lips against her ear and whispered, “Do you remember when our eyes met in the mirror this morning? That punch of lust that socked us both? That’s chemistry, Caitlyn.”


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