Binding Ties Releases July 6th!

That's tomorrow!!

Almost a year ago, the three Binding Ties novellas were released individually as downloads from Samhain Publishing. Now my novella, Bound by Design, along with Jenna Ives' The Initiation of Isabella and Skylar Kade's Maison Domine are together in a print anthology titled Binding Ties. Scott Carpenter once again designed the perfect cover to grace the front of the book. I can honestly say I fondled my pretty author copies when they showed up at my door.

It was fun working with Jenna and Skylar as we promoted our stories and I'm thrilled to say that Jenna and I will be signing copies of Binding Ties at the Literary Signing at the Romance Writers of America national conference on July 28th in Orlando.

Here's a short excerpt to tease you:

“I’m attracted to you, Jenn. You may have guessed I have a great interest in bondage myself. In domination and submission. I’m interested in seeing where this night might take us.” He released the nipple ring with a jerk and her breast bounced. He caught her gaze and she felt drawn into his presence. “So I have to ask you. Do we continue or do we end this now?”

Did she want to see where this night would go? Her body voted yes. After all, her best friend vouched for him. And she liked him already. He had a sense of humor. He was as sexy as the devil. He knew her secret weakness.

Or should she get the hell out before she got in too deep? Because, already, she could imagine getting in deep with this guy.

She could barely breathe. “I don’t know.” Jenn winced at the cry in her voice. “I’m sorry. It’s just, I wasn’t expecting anything like this tonight. I…I’m turned on, yes, but I don’t know if I’m ready…if I want to…”
He covered her hand with his. “Why don’t you tell me about your experience with bondage?” He slid his hand up and shackled her wrist with his fingers again. “Was it so terrible that you resist it even when your body craves the binding?”

She looked away from him, staring into the shadows surrounding them. She did crave it. The security of the bondage. The freedom of letting go of the control she normally held onto with an iron grip. But she didn’t want to lose herself like she did before. Could she bring herself to admit her experiences with Rob?

He cupped her chin and turned her face so he could study her. “Talk to me, Jenn. What are you afraid of?”

“Losing myself,” she blurted.

“No, you should never be afraid of losing yourself. You’ll find yourself, Jenn, if you surrender to your needs.”

She shrugged and looked down at her hands clenched in her lap.

“What happened?” He stroked her hair, soothing her nerves. “Was it recent?” His voice hardened. “Did someone around here treat you badly?”

“No. It was back in college.”

He cursed. “A boy playing at being a Dom?”

“I guess. But then I guess I was playing at being a sub.” Neither one of them had really known what they were doing. But when it was right, it had been amazing.

“I’m sorry you didn’t have a good experience.” He kissed her softly. “So basically your body responded even though he didn’t treat you right?”

“He didn’t always treat me badly,” she said, but she shivered as she remembered being tied up and left for hours while he got drunk with his buddies. “I think the power trip got to him.”

“A Dom’s first consideration always should be his sub,” Scott told her. He grasped her shoulders with his strong hands. “I want to show you the way it should be. Let me show you how good it can be, Jenn. Give me the weekend.”

“The weekend?” Was he crazy? “I honestly don’t know if I want to try bondage again, not even tonight.” Although if her body had any say, they’d definitely be having sex tonight, and she probably wouldn’t complain if there were ropes involved.

“I can smell your arousal, Jenn. I know your body is aching for a taste of bondage again.” He ran his hand up her thigh, dragging the skirt of her dress up with it. “Let me show you the way a Master should treat his slave.”

Jenn licked her lips and couldn’t move, couldn’t speak. Did she want to be his slave, even for one night?

“Let’s try something,” he said softly, seductively. “If you don’t like it, I’ll walk away from you and never bother you again.” He leaned over her and took one wrist in each hand. “Put your hands behind your back and grasp the slats.”

She nodded and leaned forward slightly to let him guide her hands behind her. He curled her fingers around the wood. “Now close your eyes.”

Jenn glanced around them and didn’t see anyone else nearby. Darkness was falling around them. She looked up at Scott, he was already difficult to see except for that white shirt. What would it matter if she closed her eyes?

“Jenn,” he said in a tone that told her he didn’t like to repeat himself. “Close your eyes.”

She closed her eyes and held on tight.

Romantic Times gave Binding Ties a 4 star review I hope anyone who enjoys emotional, romantic tales with a bit of bondage will want to check out Binding Ties.



Armenia said...

Whoo Hoo, Binding Ties in print!!! Three awesome stories finally in print, I can hug the book.

Congrats, Natasha, Skyler and Jenna. And such a beautiful book cover, too.

Have fun at RWA!

Natasha Moore said...

Hey Armenia!! I have to admit, I hugged my copy LOL!

Jenna Ives said...

Am I allowed to say I *slept* with my copy of the book when it arrived? (Well, what actually happened was I fell asleep while reading it...but I sure had some pretty sexy dreams that night!)

I'm thrilled with the book and thrilled with the cover, and honored to be in the volume with Natasha and Skylar!


Skylar Kade said...

I am so excited about tomorrow! And jealous that I don't get to see you all at the conference; you'll just have to have a blast for me :)

Natasha Moore said...

Hey Jenna and Skylar! Thanks for stopping by. July 6th seemed so far away when the e-books came out last September. It's finally here!!!

Vonda Sinclair said...

Congratulations, ladies!! It looks awesome!

David Bridger said...

Oh, my! Natasha, that excerpt is so hot!