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Not to sound repetative but I've made it to the next round of the First Line contest. Woohoo!!! You can find my lines posted on the Feb 26 entry on Karin Tabke's blog
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Time to chime in about Lost again! (Sorry, can't get enough.) :-) I loved last night's show. It had a lot of humor but also those weird things only Lost can deliver, like the dog, Vincent, finding an arm with a key chain attached. This show featured Hurley and more of his backstory. He won the lottery with "the numbers" (as we already know) and was supposedly cursed after that because lots of terrible things happened to those around him. So Vincent leads him to a VW van which appears to have wrecked on the island 20+ years ago while making a beer run. The skeleton inside is named Roger. Hurley is looking for hope and feels if he can get the van cranked the curse will be lifted and he'll have hope again. The conflict between Kate and Sawyer is again raised because apparently Sawyer is afraid of intimacy, argh! (typical male) and is thrilled to find beer in the van. When Hurley wants to push the van off a steep mountain with him and Charlie inside in order to jump it off, everyone thinks he's crazy. So Sawyer says "It's your funeral," and helps push him off. The ride down the mountain was scary as a rollercoaster ride, but miracle of miracles they get it cranked before they crash into the rocks. As for Kate, she searched out the French chick (what was her name?) so she'll lead her to the Others so she can rescue Jack. She then tells her she believes she's found her daughter, taken from her 16 years ago. Finally!

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