Lost is back

So, who watched Lost last night? I did, since I'm apparently one of the biggest fans, but no one I know watches it anymore. The problem is that people miss a show and then they don't know what's going on. It's easy to see why. But you can now watch past episodes online and catch up. Check the ABC website. Before the actual new episode aired, they had this Lost Survival Guide show for an hour which hit the high points of what's happened up until now. I didn't enjoy it much though. By necessity it simplified things too much and left out a lot. In writer terms, it was all "telling," when Lost has always been about "showing." But I didn't need to see it, because I've seen every episode. I think that Survival Guide was an attempt to get more people to watch now. Not sure it will work.

As for the actual episode, not too many surprises. Kate and Sawyer escaped the Others as I knew they would. Jack performed the surgery and saved the villain's life (Ben), while at the same time risking his own life to save Kate's. The thing that surprised me most was when Julie's ex-husband gets hit by a bus. It was so real I cringed all over and almost jumped out of my chair. That someone would wake up and talk during a major surgery is kinda creepy too. Hopefully some interesting things will develop, like how will Jack get out of the Others' clutches? Will Kate take a team and rescue him? Will Sawyer refuse to help and become all criminal again? Will Ben really live? Will Alex ever be reunited with her mother? When will they follow up on the season 2 strange final scene which showed Penny talking to some guys in Siberia or the Arctic?


Randy said...

Shoot, I accidentally slept through it last night, so thanks for the update...only, I HAVE missed episodes...who's JULIE??

Vonda said...

Her name is actually Juliette but some of them call her Julie. She's one of the Others. You can read about it here
It's not clear yet whether she's good or bad, but she helps Sawyer and Kate escape.