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Have you given money to Red Cross but feel there's more you could do to help Katrina victims? Aside from donating things like food, clothing, paper supplies, etc. in your own area, here are more ways to help. Please copy and paste the links into your browser. For some reason I have a hard time creating links on this blog.

Here's an update from writer Larissa Ione whose home was destroyed from flooding in the hurricane.

On Friday, auctions will begin to help raise money for her family. If you're a writer or romance reader, you will find many things here to bid on.

I've had Charlotte Dillon's website link on my website for years. It's the best place for romance writing info of all kinds. Charlotte obviously loves helping others, but now she needs our help. She and her family also lost their home in the hurricane. Please check this site to see how you can help Charlotte.

Here is Charlotte's incredible website.

The below information came from Kathryn Falk of Romantic Times Book Club Magazine.



Sep 05, 2005

Dear Booklovers,

This has been a traumatic week for many of us. We are hoping to keep you
informed on the fate of booksellers, readers and writers from the Gulf

Some authors have not checked in or cannot be located. For the latest info:

Laura at Romance Report is keeping a list.

Cut and paste this link to search:

Vicki Hinze has also put up a web site to track authors.


Note from Metsy Hingle, formerly of New Orleans

Thanks for your concern. We're okay--living a nightmare. Jim and I and the
family went to Arkansas and are now sleeping on the floor in his office in
Mc Comb, MS. We are blessed as we have electricity here and just got
internet access.

Water is bad, no gas, but we're alive. Our home is damaged and we're told it
will be 2-4 weeks before power is restored. Complicating things is that
Jim's father died late Saturday afternoon during evacutaion (a blessing
really), but Jim's first cousin was killed and his sister's 20-year-old son,
our godson, is missing.

Despite all this, I truly feel blessed. Right now my focus is on the
rebuilding process. I'll just have to hope my next couple of books do well
to pay for the rebuilding process. We'll be staying here for a while and are
trying to offer what comfort we can to those in need here in MS.

I'm sharing the water and allowing people to come use the bathrooms and cool
off in the a/c. Jim's keeping his 10 employees on normal payroll so they
don't suffer, despite the financial hit to us. I told him that would be my
anniversary gift. (Today is our 29th)

Please pass the word to others for me who have asked about me.

Love and hugs to all..............Metsy

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ~*~*


Elizabeth Benway and her daughter Lizzy have passed over, due to an accident
in their van. She had a wonderful site promoting authors and cover models --
John DeSalvo being her favorite. Her site:

Poor road conditions caused by Hurricane Katrina may have played a part in
the accident on Interstate 10 which claimed their lives. The Benways lived
in the Ponce de Leon area. Both victims were pronounced dead at the scene.
The van they were riding in ran off the interstate, crashing into a patch of



If you receive the SOS America, Inc. Newsletter, you know that we are
directing our efforts to Texas. I have a house in Alvin, Texas, where I once
lived with my late father until 2000. It is empty except for my father's
caretaker. I'm flying down Wednesday to help settle in my cousin from New
Orleans who lost her house. With her husband and 3 children, she is in a
motel in Lafayette, LA, near Connie Perry.

As you know Texas is overwhelmed with refugees. From Sharon Middleton,
lawyer and SOS member, I learned that Alvin has 300 refugees in motels, and
needs a depot and assistance. Forty minutes away, in Houston, are many
shelters. JoCarol Jones, our convention director, is taking in a family and
her husband set up communications for FEMA at the newest shelter.

The children need many things, from toys, formula, baby food, to underwear
and diapers. Adults also need underwear, TOWELS, hygiene products. It is hot
in Texas (97 degrees). Towels and keeping clean are a priority now.



For suggestions on what donated items are needed, here is a small list
supplied by relief organizations. This is not complete, many other items are
also needed, particularly underwear for adults and children, summer
clothing, TOWELS.

Baby Powder
Bottled Drinking Water
Bowls, plastic, paper

Cable Ties
Calamine Lotion
Canned Food
Clorox Bleach
Clothes Pins
Cutlery, Plastic Utensils

Diapers, Disposable size 12-24 lbs.
Disposable Razors
Duct Tape

Enema Kits
Envelopes, Manila
Exam Gloves
Face Masks
Facial Tissues
Fire Extinguishers
First Aid Kits
Folding Chairs

Gatorade Packets

Generators Hot and Cold Cups, Paper
Ibuprofen Tablets

Paper Napkins
Paper Towels

Pens, Black and Blue
Plates, plastic, paperPower Cords, Electrical Outdoor 50/100ft.

Reading Glasses
Safety Glasses
Soap, Antibacterial

Step Stools
Sterile Water For Injections

Toilet Paper
Towelettes, Antimicrobial
Trash Cans
Visine Eyedrops

What To Do For Survivors?

If you send supplies or money you have the option -- YOU CAN adopt a refugee
or a refugee family. I will connect you to the people who receive your
generosity, if you request it. You can take it from there and keep up
communication. Please include your email and telephone number and I will
attempt the "link up."

Another plan, if the nuclear family doesn't exist, we hope to create a team
leader from amongst the refugees, and make him/her responsible for 10
people. Perhaps you can keep in touch with the team leader? In this way, we
can divide our efforts - much as we did for names of soldiers in Iraq.

If you are in the Houston/Alvin/Galveston area, and want to assist, let me
know. I don't drive, but will chip in on the gas, if you can deliver
supplies, etc.! Bring a pillow and sheets/towel if you can stay overnight.
We will be making a lot of BAR B Q's.


Money / Supplies.

If you have usable TOWELS, UNDERWEAR, summer clothes, toys, pack them up.
New, used, it doesn't matter. They don't have anything.

Children's clothing, toys, baby things, cosmetics, hygiene products,
underwear for men and women, night gowns, pyjamas, summer clothes, sandals.

Some of you have told me that when you discovered the cost for postage/UPS
charge to send supplies to Texas, you'd prefer sending money.

If so, let me know if you want to sponsor/adopt someone. Indicate the number
you, your office, or school groups can take on.

Your contribution is deductible if the check (made out to SOS AMERICA, INC).
Please sent to:

RT BOOKclub Magazine
SOS America, Inc.
55 Bergen St.
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Nancy will send you a receipt. She can also take your credit card for
1 800 989 8816 (ext 12)


Checks sent directly to Texas should be made out to Kathryn Falk. If you
benefit from a tax deduction, make out check to SOS America,Inc., and send
to Brooklyn address, Nancy wil make the transaction.

10218 COUNTY ROAD 941B

RR 1 BOX 134
ALVIN TX 77511-6839

My cell:347 432 2714

If you want to help with underwear and children's supplies in Houston, you
can send money or supplies to:

Many of the same supplies we needed for the soldiers are needed in Texas.
The women don't have cosmetics, shampoo/conditioners, towels, sheets. The
men need razers, hygiene products.

The children need toys, aspirins, over the counter medications, powder for
the water (lemonade, crystal lite), toys, stuffed animals.

Note : The above is a
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  1. randy Says:

    Wow, Vonda. You've put together a pretty comprehensive list here. Thanks for making it easier to help! :)

  2. Vonda Says:

    I'm glad to help out, Randy. :-)

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