Agents, Agents Everywhere

A couple nights ago, just before I woke up, I dreamed I was in New York City going into a literary agent’s office to pitch one of my stories. I would never actually do this. I’m sure agents would appreciate a drop-in visit even less than a phone call, which is another no-no unless you’re published. Who was this agent I visited? I have no clue, though I would say she was in her 50s or 60s. I saw her but didn’t recognize her.

That very day I learned the anonymous agent, Miss Snark, was accepting 300 word story opener submissions to be critiqued on her blog, or rather ran through her crapometer. Here’s the link I read a few before mustering the courage to submit mine. Several from my brave critique group (go Rebels!) sent theirs so I refused to be left out. Besides, I never waste an opportunity these days. I sit here cringing and holding my breath as I await her brutally honest snarky take on my opening. Is there too much backstory? Too much telling? Not enough action, emotion? She has to apparently go through 77 of these things and one day soon she will get to mine. Even if she doesn’t give me a glowing review, this is a great learning experience. Reading her thoughts on others’ openings gives me ideas on what a genuinely good opening has. And this can only help me with my own.

I’ll finish on a bright note, the same day as these other two agent things, another wonderful thing happened. An assistant in a top, well-respected agency read the first three chapters of My Fierce Highlander and said some VERY nice things. I’ll paraphrase here...she doesn’t usually read historicals but she didn’t want to stop reading mine until she finished it. Both my voice and my story "captivated" her. Woohoo! I hope she doesn’t mind me relaying what she said. I’m just too thrilled to keep it to myself. Thank you, ma’am! And she wants to see the complete manuscript. Yippie!!! (Going off to work on that now.)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your Miss Snark review--has it posted yet?

Vonda Sinclair said...

Yes, Suzanne. Eeek! It ain't pretty. #39. Not to worry though. As I may have mentioned, the manuscript has just finaled in two contests and has been requested by 2 agents. Thank God not everyone's taste is the same as Miss Snark's or there would be nothing on the market I would like. Ha! And I truly don't mean anything negative by that. It's just that the entries she loved, I didn't. Which only means we have very different tastes and preferences.

Ms. Mika said...

I wish you the best! I'm still too chicken to submit...I just keep writting. Oh, by the way, the link isn't working to miss snark.